The Nautilus Mini is made by Aspire. It has adjustable airflow and takes an Aspire dual coil, comes with beauty sleeve.

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No leaks. Sturdy.

Denise Lyons on 24th Apr 2015

My Minis, in all brands and types really get put to the test, as I bring them with me everywhere for obvious compact portability. They see the most action, adventure and accidental collisions with each other or all things, the most washing, refilling, dis-&re assembly, and (knock on wood) I have yet to break any of my Aspires! The textured areas give you something to grasp safely when taking apart, and the seals are my favorite so far. My only complaint is the lack of air flow, (which is a big deal to me) even at Widest Opening. Therefore, even though I have to keep cases of replacement glasses for all my Kangers, they still outnumber my Aspires by far.