The perfect menthol for the light smoker.






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Good tasting Menthol

Kenneth Guy on 29th Mar 2016

Very good and smooth tasting menthol. Not too strong and not to weak. I really love the taste.

Best menthol

Denise Lyons on 24th Apr 2015

Authentic yet pleasant. My favorite of all Menthols, especially because it is ACTUALLY blendable with other flavors without smothering them like dry ice.

the best menthol I've found

11th Oct 2014

It's the best menthol I've been able to find. It's the absolute closest flavor to Marlboro smooth, which is what I USED to smoke.


2nd Mar 2014

This is really the best menthol flavor I have had. I've tried so many and others are either too cooling (almost like Vicks vapor rub sensation in your throat) or they taste sweet and like spearmint. This is just perfect. And it almost has a hint of what I cant really describe as other than vanilla, but its delicious! I would recommend for everyone, even if you weren't a menthol smoker, you should definitely try.