A cigar-like tobacco flavor.  Sweet, yet bold.

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Love Swampy Sweet

10th Jan 2016

Love the cigar flavor with a hint of sweetness that makes this a smooth and enjoyable juice!

Great All Day Vape

Mike on 15th Jun 2014

I smoked pipes and cigars for 25 years, so when I switched to vaping I wanted to keep the tobacco flavor. I was really surprised that this juice does taste like a light flavored Cavendish pipe tobacco with a very subtle hint of honey on the finish. I have since tried some of the fruity flavors, but always go back to Swampy Sweets for my all day vaping. It is definitely worth trying. FYI: Space Jam Eclipse e juice is very similar to this blend. You can also mix other e juices, particularly creamy flavored ones such as Suicide Bunny Original Bunny, with excellent results.


Thëvë on 4th Jun 2014

This flavor is great. It's like a Cigar flavor like a Swisher Sweet. But its not to sweet to where the flavor is kind of a fruity flavor. its a perfect blend and one of my favorites.