Tobacco flavor with some caramel



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Viper is Great

Jeanna Salas on 8th Jun 2017

I've been a smoker for around 20 yrs and I've tried many times to quit and nothing worked. When vapes first came out I tried but didn't work for me. I didn't like all the fruit flavors. If I wanted a cigarette I wanted it to taste like a cigarette and not fruits. My husband found Viper for me to try and I loved it. It has a little sweet taste but not bad at all.. So with this flavor I have not touched a cigarette in over 3 weeks now. I love Viper.

Mellow Smoothness

14th Sep 2015

Smooth flavor, I enjoy it, but I get more of a cocoa flavor rather than caramel. Maybe cause my wattage is too high? Great none the less

copra flavor

28th Feb 2014

Really smooth flavor

My new daily favorite

Elizabeth on 28th Dec 2013

A satisfying vape with a mild tobacco and a very nice caramel finish.